Twin Magnolia- A Soul Call

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Twin Magnolia- A Soul Call

by Victoria Popescu

Dealing with deep loss and unspent grief makes life very difficult, especially when your soul is longing for love and your nights are disturbed by the same perplexing dream. Claudia faces such a challenge in this tale of one woman's journey from despair to love. But the Universe has a way of compensating those who are brave enough to search for light, even in the deepest darkness.

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Amazing insight into the world of healing

I really enjoyed this book! Not only was it a great read into how the healing process works, and how wonderful it can be, but it is a beautiful story and very well written. Victoria has done an amazing job in bringing the characters to life and making you feel like they’re your long lost friends. From the minute you start reading you are drawn into the world of beautiful characters with real life experiences. It is as though you have been given the privilege to witness and share in characters' journey in finding the real purpose of their existence, and their soul's calling. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Victoria for writing this beautiful novel, and providing me with a different insight into life and how beautiful it can be!

Posted by Anna Vancea on April 3, 2014 on


After the loss of her grandmother, Claudia is struggling to see the good or future in anything. At the funeral her grandmothers friend Tarana explains to Claudia that she needs to let it all out, there is so much hurt inside she needs to make room for the love. Claudia doesn't even believe that she will ever find love let alone get over the death of her grandmother - who was like her mother. Tarana invites Claudia to go and stay in Hawaii where she will help aid her in her recovery, Claudia makes a quick decision to go and never looks back. During Claudia's stay in Hawaii, Tarana sets Claudia on a path of enlightenment, discovery and peace. Not even Claudia is prepared for the things she will find and the emotions she will feel.

This is a story of loss and a woman's need to find herself again to be able to open up her heart. I did enjoy this story and found it well written. The only issue i had was i would've liked some more drama but as this book is based on true life experiences you get a feel for that as you read it. There are some true emotions that have been written into the story. It does almost feel like you are reading someones biography and how they dealt with their losses and gains. I found some of the descriptions of the holistic remedies a little repetitive BUT they do set up the feel for a lot of the scenes. A good read, i enjoyed it!!!

Posted by What Nikki Read on June 6, 2013 on 


An awesome story! It is about self-discovery, love, passion, finding meaning in life, grounding yourself, about exotic flower fragrances, flavored fruits, dishes and herbs invading your taste buds, colorful descriptions and scenery and lush vegetation stimulating your imagination, a blast of vibrant and positive energies involving all your senses.

It is full of wisdom and simple to apply techniques, revealed in a very touchy and thoughtful manner.

The book is easy to read and to connect with the characters hence you become part of the story and live with them. Therefore the great teachings are being absorbed so quickly, lifting your soul and filling your heart with immense love and gratitude. It gives you insides about chakra system and chakras location, how they influence you and your emotions, how they can draw you back and sabotage you, as well as how to release blockages and learn to meditate, how to connect to the real you, and tap into the real life.

Interested to grow and find out more about life mystery, then this is the book!

Posted by Dori on May 26, 2013 on


Reading sample:

"I walked slowly toward my car, lost into the memories of the years we had spent together. After my parents died in a car accident in the summer of 1993, my grandmother became everything to me. I was barely fourteen at the time, devastated by the loss of my parents and confused with life. Grandma helped me regain hope for the future and the belief that there would be joy in my heart again one day. She taught me to care for myself and to behave in a refined manner. She also insisted that I should live my life with honesty and respect, no matter how hard that way might seem sometimes. She said that at times it might appear to be a longer road to certain accomplishments but that it was the richest, and that I would never regret following it.

She could read me like a book, when I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. She knew I had the gift of painting and she encouraged me to deepen that gift. For some reason, she believed that one day I would make great use of it. She paid for my studies and never complained when she had to come pick me up at parties at late hours in the night. And she tickled me sometimes in the morning when I had a hard time leaving the bed to go to classes. The only thing that Grandma couldn’t help me with was finding love.

“Grandma, can you tell me the secret to finding true love?” I asked her one day, while we sat on a bench by the Green Lake in north central Seattle, observing a couple of wood ducks cherishing a moment of closeness. “You know what I mean...” I added with a smile, seeing her expressing blue eyes facing me, “that special feeling that will last forever in my heart.”

“I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about that, Claudia. I don't know that secret, darling,” she had said to me. “Love is a matter of the heart, so only you can hear what your heart is saying to you. Make a habit of listening to it consistently and by following its voice, you'll find the road that leads to love.”

“Sometimes you have to be patient,” she had said to me. “Certain things happen only when you are ready for them to do so. Other times, however, you need to create opportunities in order for events to occur. But there's something that I want you to keep in mind, Claudia,” she had said, looking me in the eye. “If you live in the need for love--or anything else, as a matter of fact--you’ll attract that need, creating opportunities that will deceive you. I can't explain why things happen this way because, honestly, I don't know. I learned through my own experience that they tend to do so. I believe, however, that you can create your destiny in the way your heart speaks to you about it. It might take a while, but I am very confident that as long as you keep searching, you’ll find what you are looking for,” she had added with a smile.

As I stopped walking, searching for the pack of Kleenex tissue in my purse, I felt the touch of a hand on my shoulder. When I turned around, Grandma’s closest friend Tarana pulled me into a warm embrace. “I am very sorry for your loss, Claudia, I know how hard this moment is for you, my dear,” she said to me, “but what can we do? That’s the way it is--we all get to face it one day. I believe that your grandma is happy where she is. Her soul must be at peace in this moment, as she accomplished what she'd wanted to accomplish in her life. She didn’t suffer leaving this world; she was only sad to leave you. During difficult moments of separation like this one,” Tarana went on, “it is always harder for those who stay than for those who leave, but you know, my dear, our connection to the ones we deeply love remains throughout a lifetime. In some way they never leave us. The discomfort and pain are created mainly by our desire to see them around, to hug and touch them again.” I nodded silently as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“You know, Claudia,” she continued, freeing me from her embrace, “we can admire a flower, have a wonderful time contemplating it and filling our eyes with its beauty. With some practice and a little knowledge about how to do it, we can use its energy to feel better and even heal sometimes. Once we pick it up to possess it, however, it won’t last. It is just a passenger on this world, as are we.” She paused for a brief moment, lost in her thoughts. “The more we try to hold on to things, my dear,” she added with a sigh, “the more we suffer when they slip away between our fingers.”

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