Anita- A journey through love

Anita: book cover

Anita-A journey through love

by Victoria Popescu


As she embarks on a healing journey, 32-year-old Anita becomes aware of a deep connection between her body and her emotions. She also comes to realize that some things will never happen and she needs to accept that. She finds greater meaning in life and learns to love unconditionally. She's convinced that there can't be more, until she discovers that certain lives are linked across time.

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What readers say:

This is a nice love story. Sometimes in life things might even move in the right direction on their own. It's all in how we see it. Posted on November 4, 2013 on

"Anita - a journey through love" is a classic love story that ebbs and flows with a romantic love between a man and a woman that blossoms with time. Written from a female perspective it is very expressive of emotions and has helped me understand how women so respond to the powerful feeling of love. It also reflects on a sense of destiny and purpose in life that is greater than us - highly recommended! (review sent by David on June 16, 2013)"

This book is one of the best ones I've ever read!!!!! The way author wrote about the feelings when you fall in love is very very close to reality. If you believe in true love and have ever fallen for anyone in your life you would enjoy every single word of it!!!! And those who have not experienced these beautiful feelings yet must read it too cuz it will make you realize that being in love just makes ur life beautiful! I would highly recommend this book to all. Posted on January 30, 2012 Barnes&Noble

Ah l'amour ! What a nice love story. Everything seems posible in life if we see it through Anita's eyes.Thank you Victoria. Posted on July 13, 2013 on


Reading Sample:


At work, she still managed to keep the positive, cheerful attitude she always had, lighting up the place with her smile the moment she walked through the door. Yet, in the quietness of her home, Anita wasn’t able to do the same because with each passing day, the feeling of inner emptiness she’d been dealing with lately seemed to grow stronger.

The zest for life she used to feel was no longer there or at least, she couldn’t get in touch with it anymore. Moreover, after almost seven years of a business career, she started to wonder whether she had made the right choice.

“This is ridiculous,” she said aloud, as she turned off the light to go to sleep. “Of course, I made the right choice with my career, what’s wrong with me? The only confusing issue here is my impossible love for Fred.” However, this logical reasoning did little to change the way she felt. I don’t know though; I had this feeling of emptiness even before I met him, she mused.

“Before I met seemed a whole lot easier before I met him,” she whispered, as if afraid someone might hear her. She pressed her face against the pillow and took a deep breath, welcoming the scent of roses on her bedding. The way you look at a situation sometimes, Anita, makes it seem more dramatic than it actually is. Could you just stop and get some sleep? she told herself silently, hoping for a better morning.

When she woke up the next day, she felt tired and sat for a moment on the edge of the bed. She rubbed her eyes with her hands and looked around her, as if trying to remember where she was.


She got up and stretched her neck slowly for a moment, hoping to loosen the tension in her left shoulder, and then walked toward the bathroom. “Brrr... it is cold,” she moaned, reluctantly taking off her pajamas, pulling her hair up into a high bun.

After a long hot shower, she stepped out and wrapped herself in a red towel. In an attempt to cheer herself up, she drew a happy face on the mirror, still foggy from the steam. A short smile appeared on her lips; then suddenly, her face became serious again. She drew a sad face next to the happy one, thinking, This is more how you feel these days. She looked at her drawing for a minute, then wiped the mirror clean with the back of her hand.

After she got dressed, she came into the kitchen and served herself a bowl of granola cereal with a splash of milk. “Anything exciting going on?” she questioned aloud, turning on the radio, and listened to the seven o’clock morning news while eating her cereal.

** *

She parked the car in the parking lot of LIB et Associés, the marketing company where she worked. Before getting to her office, she stopped by the cafeteria to get a coffee and spent a few minutes greeting some of her colleagues already there.

I need Fred to sign this, she thought, seeing the contract she’d left on the desk the night before. Sipping the last drops of coffee from her cup, she looked over the contract again, then picked up the phone. When Fred answered the call, she greeted him briefly and then went straight to the point.

“Good morning Fred, it’s Anita; I need your signature on a new contract. Is this a good time to see you for that?”

“Actually, it is. I just need a couple of minutes to put some papers together. After that, I’ll be yours.”

“Thanks. I will come over shortly.” She hung up the phone and shook her head a couple of times, a big smile on her face. I’ll be yours, she repeated, if he only knew what these words meant to me.

She was just about to knock at the open door of his office when Fred, sensing her presence, raised his head and smiled at her. “Please come in,” he said, standing up to shake her hand. After he closed the door, the two took seats on opposite sides of his desk.

“You’ve been working a lot of overtime lately, Anita,” he said looking her in the eye, as she handed him the folder. “I don’t recall you taking a day off in the last six months or so; you need more time away from the office.”

“I am all right, Fred,” she responded, although she had the impression that her words were not convincing enough. His face showed doubt and a certain concern, and that made her wonder if he, too, had noticed the changes in her.

Fred was a great boss. At 37, he was one of those gifted people who could easily combine the authority of his managerial position with his remarkable personal qualities. This always gave him the ability to enjoy harmonious relationships with those around him.

“You know, Anita,” Fred continued, “I really love my job and I do feel good coming to this place in the morning. But I learned through my own experience that no matter how much I love my job, it is important to take time away from it in order to balance my life. I believe that we all need to get a break from work now and then. This is my way of asking you to please consider taking a few days off.”

“I see that you’re insisting on having me out of here,” she smiled. “I’ll think about it, I promise.” I don’t really feel that great after all; a few days away from here won’t be bad, she acknowledged silently, waiting for Fred to sign the new contract. It may even be a great idea, as I haven’t gone anywhere for a while, she thought.

“Here you go,” Fred announced after a short silence, handing the folder back to her. “Good job, by the way,” he added with a smile.

“Thanks,” she replied as she stood up from the chair.

She opened the door to leave his office but changed her mind suddenly and turned around to look at him instead. With the physique of an athlete, dark brown hair and skin slightly tanned owing to the sunny days spent on the Pacific Coast where he grew up, not only was he fairly attractive, but his brown eyes with a touch of green were the most beautiful she’d ever seen. They were so clear and filled with kindness that each time she looked him in the eye, not only was she troubled to the depth of her being, but she also had the strange impression that she could see herself in them.

She dreamt of Fred loving her back, waking up by his side, enjoying his warm eyes upon her face and sharing that powerful, inexplicable love she felt for him.

“Fred, thanks again for the other night,” she told him, shaking herself from her daydream. “I had a wonderful time.” She wished that she had the courage to tell him how good it felt dancing with him that night and how she felt about him, but she was afraid to say something that she might regret.

“Oh, you’re very welcome! I am glad that you could come. It was a nice party, wasn’t it?” he responded causally.

“It was. I really enjoyed it,” she agreed, offering him a pleasant smile. She sensed her heart thumping joyfully in her chest and felt very nervous leaving his office.

What’s wrong with me, behaving this way? she questioned silently, as if she didn’t have the answer already. But deep inside Anita knew what made her act this way. She knew that it was the way she

felt about Fred that made him so unique to her—so unlike any other man she had ever known. And no matter what her mind would tell her, there was nothing she could do to stop loving him.

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